Important Iboga/Ibogaine Terminologies and their meaning ?


Ibogaine healing :

Ibogaine has been proven to help addicts treat the symptoms of their disease, and substantially aid in their recovery. This impressive natural remedy helps to ease withdrawal symptoms and minimize cravings for a variety of addictive substances while restoring receptors in the brain to pre-addiction levels.

Microdosing iboga/ iboga TA/ Iboga HCl:

Microdosing entails using small doses daily and allowing the Iboga to build up in your system. Microdosing can provide many of the benefits of Iboga without the intensity of a journey, it is also excellent preparation before journeying (iboga trip).

    How to Microdose.

  1. It is essential when using iboga to not combine with other substances especially not pharmaceutical medications, alcohol or opiates. A little tobacco or coffee is okay but your results will be much better on a clean body system.
  2. Often the best time to take is in the early evening after work for the day is finished. Not too late as at lower doses Iboga can be stimulating and make it harder to fall asleep.
  3. The amount of Iboga does build up in the system so the effects will become stronger and more noticable as the microdosing continues. If necessary it is possibly to move to dosing every second day.
  4. Keeping a diary recording the effects of the iboga and what one notices is very effective and enhances the work with iboga.
  5. Combining with any form of discipline, awareness or spiritual practice is very effective.

Flooding :

For flooding I would recommend using Iboga TA (total alkaloid extract). It has all the benefits of the ‘whole plant’ experience of the root bark, containing the full spectrum of alkaloids, but it is much easier to dose and easier and smoother on the body. It is also much cheaper than Purchasing pure Ibogaine HCl online. Iboga TA produces much less dizziness than the root bark, and it is easier to move around on it. It easier to go deeper on it than the iboga root bark, requiring much less material to be consumed. The other alkaloids work with the ibogaine to prolong, deepen and augment its influence, and are a welcome addition. Pure ibogaine HCl seems to wash through the system more quickly, producing less of an afterglow than with Iboga TA or iboga root bark. It is recommended to save a few grams of iboga root bark to ingest alongside the iboga TA, to give an essence of the whole unadulterated plant. Some people like to stagger dosing, and take some every 30 minutes until the whole dose is consumed. I have found taking one capsule of TA, and then splitting the rest of dose in halves and taking 45 minutes apart works well. For people treating addiction, it can be worth keeping a little Iboga TA extract or root bark for use as booster doses in the months post session to prolong the window of iboga’s influence.

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iboga sound :

Iboga sound is basicaly Bwiti harp music played throughout the iboga journey, some of the songs are found on youtube like Bokaye : Essama Ene evora , Ngombi a mboka , Moungongo de nwanga

Iboga TA (total alkaloid extract):

a total alkaloid extract of iboga. Contains all the alkaloids in the root bark, but in a concentrated form that allows for easier dosing. My initiation experience, which is described on these boards, was with the equivalent of 22-24g of root bark. This was an incredibly deep and amazing experience; I would rate it as my most important single psychedelic/teacher plant experience of my life. Very deep visions, and a full on brain defrag, with an afterglow of months.

Ibogaine HCl:

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants in the family Apocynaceae such as Tabernanthe iboga, Voacanga africana, and Tabernaemontana undulata. It is a psychedelic with dissociative properties. Ibogaine HCl for sale is made up of 99.7 percent ibogaione the most abundant compound in the iboga rootbarks.

Ibogaine treatment center:

These are ibogaine assisted detox center. There are two types of Ibogaine treatment. The first one is focused on beating drug addiction, most commonly heroin dependence, through drug detoxification and alleviating craving for drugs. The second type of treatment is used for facilitating psychotherapy sessions, which usually need sub-clinical doses of Ibogaine. Numerous studies and scientific research on Ibogaine convincingly show that Ibogaine has an ability to relieve withdrawal symptoms significantly almost in all cases of drug addiction and what is even more surprising is that this effect is very appreciable in cases of hard core heroin addiction. Anti-addictive and anti-withdrawal properties of Ibogaine can be explained by the effects of its transitional metabolite called Noribogaine. Noribogaine increases level of dopamine and serotonin in a body whiich give the patient the feeling of well-being and blocks brain receptors responsible for drug craving. Ibogaine is not a substitute for drugs and is not addictive. Ibogaine disrupts drug addiction chemically.

iboga trip :

Once you take the iboga, it should take up to an hour, sometimes even longer, for the effects to come on. The first changes you’re likely to feel will be dizziness, a decline in muscle coordination, and increasing difficulty in moving. Nausea may come next, and purging often follows. Expect your heart rate to rise, your mind to race, and your brain to begin comprehending that something strange is taking over. Soon, it will become apparent that there will be no turning back for a long time. The quality and intensity of your hallucinations (with eyes open and closed) will depend on how much iboga/ibogaine you consumed. Unlike entheogens such as ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms, which are known to show completely different realities, iboga/ibogaine visuals are mostly an expression of your subconscious, and resemble a lucid dream more than hyperdimensional alternate universes. Open-eyed hallucinations usually come on early and last throughout the journey. They can distort the space around you, ingrain shape-shifting patterns and faces on the walls, morph objects and breathe motion into them, create floating shapes that fill the space, manifest apparitions of seemingly real or imaginary beings, or come in any of the myriad variations that your mind can invent.

Iboga rite :

As is custom in most regions of the world, young girls and boys are pushed through powerful Rites of Passage, or spiritual pathways leading them into the power of their own person. These initiations provide a foundation for strength, a basis from which to embark on the path to adulthood. For the Bwiti people—the men and women of Central West Africa who have been using Iboga in ceremony for thousands of years—the Rites of Passage serves as passageway into this personal strength and empowerment. The purpose of the Rites of Passage is to break a person down. On every level: spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. This crumbling of fear is, in itself, the path to freedom.

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